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ultimate tool for elite dangerous

What you are looking in the void -
with void you will find

download download ed-void client app with overlay for PC
with hi-performance overlay
lift-off web-application on any mobile device or desktop
as extention for your ed-void system

Warning! currently ED-VOID is working in experimental mode! Please, report any issues to our discord channel.


A tool designed by explorers for explorers. It helps you with scanning stellar bodies, reporting POI and stellar anomalies or planetary features, navigation, reporting your exploration data, and get extended body information, based on existing reports.

It includes desktop application with overlay and web-application available from any browser, including mobile devices.

How to start

#1 Register new pilot
#2 Download and Run Client App
#3 Go to the ED-VOID WEB APP with any device *optional

download Client ED-VOID.Setup.0.3.0-beta.exe [ 35 MB ]

Need help?

Want to help?

We working hard on this project because we love it. Love ED itself, universe, exploration, science and competitive tasks. But anyway it take time and resources. If you wish to support ED-VOID development and servers maintain - support us on patreon.com.

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3rd party developer?

ED-VOID Client is open-source project. Interested how it works? Or maybe You have some ideas how to make tool better - come around. Contributors always welcome

ED-VOID Client on GitHub

dev: changes log

version 0.3 Beta

  • New
  • VOID:RUN Multiplayer Racing Mode
  • Overlay / Client app with fancy UI and most important modules
  • Changes / Fixes
  • Navigation tool now saves your destination for all devices
  • VASS now called FLOG (Flight log)
  • CMDR module shows distances to sol/sag*/col systems
  • Collecting informations about stations for future update
  • Many server-side fixes

version 0.2 Beta

  • New
  • POI report system
  • Brand new client app - blazing fast and not affect machine performance!
  • Client now automatically retrieve api-key and lookup for journals folder
  • Run ED-VOID on multiple devices - it syncs automatically
  • Brand New UI
  • Fully-responsive layout for any device
  • Mobile-app-friendly: Add ED-VOID to home screen through browser menu and work with ED-VOID like with regular mobile app
  • Ability to change UI & Text scale for each device
  • Server
  • Backend was re-designed from scratch
  • WS Connection between server-journal-client allow to react on events instantly
  • Databases with market, POI, shipyard and stellar bodies for future updates and analyze system